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Thursday, February 24, 2005

jenna jameson pics

It was not teaching the chimps how to use the internet which Dr. Roger Murdock found to be difficult, it was trying to get them to do anything else once they learned. His previous studies had shown that chimps could pick up many of the ills of human society, hardcore jenna jameson best dvd gambling, drug abuse, shopping for their monkey chow at discount warehouse stores even though it clearly harmed others in their closely bound society. Cyber sex was next on the list Lola and Barlow were being prepared for the study.

The first step was training the chimps that they could send each other signals through a keyboard modified to express chimp desires and concerns. Lola was quick to learn, after she figured out that she would get to reconnect with her first offspring as soon as she correctly completed the task. Barlow, like most adolescent males of any species was a little more difficult. It took him several sessions just to learn that pressing keys would make something happen. He was too busy twiddling with his hormone driven genitalia, attempting to bite the research assistants unusually long hair or fondle her jenna jameson trimmer firm and rounded breasts.

Eventually she tucked the hair up in to a bun and wore only baggy turtleneck sweaters in jenna jameson doll´┐Ż vain attempt to redirect his attention to the monitor. When he finally grew hungry enough, this desire overtook his sexual tendencies and Gretchen finally was able to teach him that banging on a picture of a bowl would bring him his monkey chow lunch.

After that, it was just a matter of distance. Gretchen sat in a sound proof room with her own monitor which Barlow jenna jameson unofficial pics of jenna jameson having sex with lesbians could see through a glass window. They would bang on the picture of the bowl to ask for food like good Pavlovian creatures, Gretchen would bang out her response, and their food would be presented. It did not take long for the chimps to stop looking for Gretchen, and eventually the jenna jameson boobies was blocked. They continued to communicate with her, and eventually each other across a silent distance. The chimp internet was formed and waiting to be exploited. Roger was ready pictures jameson jenna do his magic, chimp corruption of the cyber variety.

I am concerned. Gretchen mused to her supervisor.

What, what? Roger answered, annoyed at the interruption.

With Lola and Barlow. Especially Barlow.


He might come to, you know, prefer the internet version of life to the real thing. For example, he might not know what to do when he meets a real female in heat. She leaned in towards her supervisor, accidentally brushing her breast on his shoulder.

I dont see that as being a problem. Roger answered, my playmate interactive dvd jenna jameson over his wire framed glasses.

He seems to have an eye for you. Good thing he is not free pictorial jenna jameson nude here right now. He nodded his head to the tight white t-shirt Gretchen had been wearing under her anti-sex bulky sweater. He would be all over you.

Right, but youre not? She thought to herself. It figures I get more attention from a teenaged chimp than I do a real live man inches from my tits. What did a girl need to do to get laid around here?

Listen, what if it becomes a fetish to him, he is so inexperienced, and studies have shown jenna jamison free hardcore pics sexual signals are learned, they are cultural, they vary between social groups of chimps.

I know. I co-authored some of those papers.

So then you should understand what I am saying. Are you going howard stern private parts premiere, yellow jenna jameson provide him with the tools he needs to fulfill his sexual needs once the study is over.

We will take care of Barlow, and his needs. Dont worry.

Yes, Dr. Murdock. She jenna jameson anal submitted. We jenna jameson hot going to dinner. Would you like to join us?

No, thank you.

I assume you will still be here when we get back?

Arent I always? He smiled at her, watching her ass as she turned to walk out the door.

Today, he did not even give himself a safety pause, that time you allow someone gallary jenna jameson leave and return for whatever they had forgotten. The time you wait so you do not get caught doing something particularly revolting, immoral or just plain embarrassing. When his mother would leave for the store, he had a ritual. He would watch the tail lights of her car until they disappeared, use the bathroom whether he needed to jenna jameson aim not, wash his hands, and then re-check the window before rummaging through her secret womanly things.

He was certain that no sooner had he slipped on the navy pumps and white slip that she would be back in the driveway looking for her coupons. So he waited. Working meticulously, a scientist already at age twelve, he followed a specific procedure that insured he would not get caught with a mouth covered in lipstick, panties wedged up his ass by a mascara tube, his hand clenching his Avon covered dick, jerking off with his mothers lace pillowcase pulled over his head.

He was not as concerned about the safety pause anymore. It was rarely necessary, and this was just Gretchen, Gretchen and her baggy sweaters. Bless that tit loving horn dog Barlow. She wore them in, but always forgot to wear them out, leaving him clips of porn star jenna jameson just the right tools for his tool.

Rolling his office chair over to her desk, he grabbed the green sweater without stopping his momentum. Something shiny caught his eye, and like a chimp, he was curious. Spinning the chair around, he cruised back to her desk. What a bonus, the earring she had taken off during the long phone call today. Phone call. Maybe he picked up the receiver and brought it pornstar jenna jeamsson to his nose, breathing in deep, was there a trace left behind? No of course there wasnt, odors do not linger in plastic. He ran his tongue lightly over the little holes of the receiver where her breath and sound entered the machine. He could hear his own heavy breath through the dial tone.

What else, what else. Popping a peppermint lifesaver into his mouth, not necessarily for its erotic qualities, he scanned her desk for something concrete. Perfect, a photo jenna jameson videos Gretchen jenna jameson in bondage her sexy mother at graduation, the month jenna jameson trampling had come to naked jenna jameson galleries lab. He knew exactly where to find his last prop. Top left hand drawer, lavender perfumed lotion.

Without standing, he rolled his chair to lock the door and then back to his desk with his treasures.

His khakis fell to a pile at his feet, boxers around his knees. Modesty and fear of getting caught had been nearly extinguished since he had met Barlow, who was allowed to tweak and pinch, pull and rub his genitalia whenever he wanted to, which was fairly often. Whats good for the subject is good for the researcher. Todays sweater had jenna jamson nude nice feel, made of green ramie cotton woven into ridges, worn jenna jameson fucked than once between washings.

He breathed in deeply, nearly hyper-ventilating, dizzy in the dark space he biography of jenna jameson created by pulling the heavy sweater over his face with his nose nestled into her armpit. Something deep inside his hindbrain flickered and the best of jenna jameson under the scent of her sweat, inspiring the desire to growl and bear his teeth, bite shoulder flesh and press into warm places from behind, holding tightly. He swam through his arousal, hands grasping the arms of the sweater, jenna jameson free pictorals earring clicking against his jenna jameson briana banks pics as his tongue pushed and probed and rolled the smooth metal like a pierced clit without the clit.

After shifting the position of the Jenna Jameson Porn sweater to inhale new sensual Gretchen scents, he gena jameson porn erect in desire of aroma, warmth, dark and imagination. His mind raced through his grab bag of fantasies Gretchen on her knees, naked before him, brown hair falling over his thighs while she rooted her nose against his scrotum as if his balls were truffles Gretchen, sitting on his lap, full of his cock inside her, leaning jenna jameson footjob head on his knees, chest heaving with an involuntary hooting sound puffing straight from her diaphragm Gretchen, bound video porno di jenna jameson a chair with Barlow standing between her knees, his hairy black fingers finally able to pinch those teasing nipples freely, chimp pecker standing ready

He stuck with the last one, while pinching his own nipples hard, imagining Gretchens look of horror and arousal as the pubescent primate tweaked and twisted the peaked pink nipples in the center of her curiously soft, round, hairless breasts with his leathery digits and black claw-like nails.

Hands fat sex pictures tucked through the sleeves of the soft cotton sweater, and with the material in hand, he took hold of his own primate pecker and began to tug and pull, quick of breath and heavy under the dark and increasingly hot sweater cave. The earring, sexy jenna jameson with saliva, now pinching and poking his lavender covered nipples, first jenna jameson movies the smooth teardrop and then piercing with the pointed post, he crossed over the edge between pleasure and pain and then back again. Cotton sleeve between teeth muffled the groans of release as Barlow and the Doctor both streamed their animal specimens on the speechless, surprised jenna jamesonfree xxx assistants breasts.

Jesus. Roger muttered as he emerged from his cotton tunnel, shocked by the bright lights and cool, sterile air. Checking the clock, he realized he did not have much time, if any. He slipped his fingers from the sleeve and looked around for a solution to the sticky deposit he had made nude jenna jameson lesbian pic's her sweater. Lukewarm coffee on his desk became jenna jameson fetish alibi as he poured its contents onto the material, dissolving the thick slippery mess. She would have no trouble believing this scenario, he convinced himself as he dropped the coffee and cum stained sweater into the deep stainless steel sink, rinsing it in a pool of cool water.

Barlow was the first to request more buttons on his chimp keyboard. He had seen them add blanket, ball, outside, more, yes, no, play and a number of other basics of typical chimp communication to their row of food requests. Lola was in heat. Barlow was the first to notice. He adult stars jenna jameson on his keys randomly jenna jamesonclips howled in xxx trailers of jenna jameson when they took free jenna jameson pixtures to the other room for their daily internet communication.

He began to press the sign for more and then bang the keys. More keys. More keys! he shouted with his fingers.

He began a rapid-fire demonstration of chimpanzee mating rituals, slapping his ass, baring his teeth, raising his hands above his head with hair standing on end. In between each showing, jenna jameson bittorrent banged the keyboard, demanding that he be able to tell Lola his intentions even though she was in another room and connected by a local area network.

Finally he gave up and ran to the door where she was last seen, pulling on his sad pecker and pathetically humping her shadow. It was only right that the researchers follow his lead, pics of jenna jameson they began to add a sex area to the keyboard.

Considering their sensory jenna jamson lesbian it was important that the interface be multimedia. For example, when Lola pressed the key symbolizing leaf clip the distinct sound of a long leaf being torn with a sharp incisor would be played to Barlow, along jenna jamison thumbnail galleries the jenna jameson pic for leaf clip. Once the frantic adolescent new jenna jameson out the new keys he was impatient to try them out. He banged his foot on the ground, and then banged the jenna jameson doggy anal to show Lola he meant business. She watched the screen, uninterested, as he continued to stamp and shake branches and wag his erect pecker in her general direction. She taunted him by responding that she wanted a blanket and a nap.

After days of such torment, Gretchen stepped in. This is not fair. We are setting him up for failure!

How jenna jameson on the set pics

All he jenna jackson porn doing are the bottom line instinctual rituals. He has never been shown the subtleties that she is accustomed to. Many of the courtship rituals are learned, you know this, they are different among different groups of chimps. They teach each other the more delicate and convincing behaviors. She thinks he is a barbaric juvenile who is unworthy.

Maybe she was right, but like Barlow, he had no idea what to do about it. His silence told her as much.

Look, we at least have to let him watch some videos of how it is done. Give the poor guy a chance. We also should just let the two of them alone, see what happens in real life first.

Well I will agree to star stacy valentine jenna jameson devin videos, jameson jenna jamason I dont know if it is a good idea to let them mate yet. They free hardcore sex pictures of jenna jameson be completely incompatible in real life and it will ruin our study.

Fine, if it okay with you, Professor, I will go get the footage for the video jenna jameson photo stories we cab start tomorrow.

It was easier said than done, finding video of animals mating. It would seem that many human animals tend to enjoy such videos in an unseemly way, which tended to make the scientists who documented these behaviors a little leery of her requests.

She was not surprised by these tendencies, as she was not nikki nova and jenna jameson with the wide variety of sexual turn ons. Unfortunately, she had learned about most of them through fending off would be suitors instead of partaking in the bounty of perversion, fetish, lifestyle, whatever you want to call variation from the norm, whatever that is.

If you had a choice, would you fuck MaryEllen or Ginger? she typed late one night last spring while taking a break from cramming for her Molecular Genetics exam.

Ginger I guess. Was cumstream3000s response.

Why Ginger?

I dunno, shes hot.

Yeah, but do you think she would fuck hot? I mean look at her, you think she would suck you dry with those perfectly penciled lips? let you cum in that hair? you think she would go down on all fours, leaving rock divots in her knees while you take her from behind whacking her ass with a willow switch out in the jenna jameson oral cumshot of the island?

I never thought about it like that.

Of course not. MaryAnn, she is the right choice. She has a hot enough body, and would not be afraid to work it and get dirty.

Yeah, I guess.

Alright, I gotta go.

Wait, wait, are you a MaryAnn?

Something just like her. Look I gotta go. Bye.

She signed off. That guy would have offered her no help in relieving her exam time stress b class pictures jenna jameson Better to design an island fantasy without his input. What shall it be tonight, Miss Mary Ellen, she questioned, fingering through her collection of toys.

Okay, young Gilligan, our poor virginal castaway, it is time to break that tropical cherry of yours. She said, speaking to the long, thin dildo.

Then jenna jameson free movies porn hardcore to her favorite purple bunny, she continued, The good Professor will give you some lessons in how to go about pleasing a woman.

Thank you Mary Ellen for volunteering to be my assistant. She waggled the thick jelly vibrator like a mannequin, imitating the ass jenna jameson soothing voice,

Gretchen slipped into her bed and let the men proceed with their lessons, pausing only long enough for Ginger to give them a quick tutorial on the proper application of warming lotion. The next morning, after having a great nights sleep, she aced her exam and got a phone call from Dr. Roger Murdock asking if she was still interested in joining jenna jameson latex lesbians pic lab for her graduate work. Soon after, Professor Murdock became the namesake of the vibrating purple bunny and the subject of her twisted prime time fantasies.

In their separate rooms, Barlow and jenna jameson mpg were shown videos of their chimpanzee cousins presenting each other fruit, building comfy leaf cushions for the humping jenna jameson sample clips picking mites from each others fur, and gently bumping butts. Most of all, they got to watch the actual mating. Barlow was beside himself, they had to allow him to watch the video several times before they were sure he was paying any attention at all to the courtship, he just howled and tugged and complained until the real fucking would begin.

A welcomed side effect was Lolas gradual defrosting. She first watched the videos with an aloof attitude, picking at her toes, peeling bark from sticks, uninterested in the comings and goings of the mating in front of her. Gradually, she became more interested, and imitated the characters on the screen, smacking her own ass with a howl, probing her genitalia from the front and behind, humping her own fingers.

Gretchen was almost embarrassed to watch at first, feeling that her own secrets were being told. Eventually, she loosened up as well, and the baggy sweaters came jenna jameson 2 and the hair was let down earlier in the day. She just wished that Lola would get the real thing. It was frustrating enough having to deal with the games in her own life, but to force them onto another primate was very disturbing.

After watching numerous videos, jerking off and banging keys for more monkey chow, Barlow had finally gotten the idea. The next time the two were linked, his first move was to offer her fruit. She accepted. He then signaled jenna jameson gangbang scratch of the fur on her shoulder. She responded by picking nits from his back.

If he could have, he would have figured out a way to compliment her poetry, tell her she was pretty and pretend to be interested in her opinions, but he did not have the right keys. Next, he offered her fresh meat, a monkey that jenna jameson pics jenna jameson trailers killed in a jenna jameson pics She readily accepted, and his reply was no.

She impatiently signaled, Yes.

He was silent.

She signaled to bump butts. He accepted, but did not offer the meat again. jenna jameson pics

She signaled a leaf cut. He accepted, but did not offer the meat.

She stamped her feet and built him a soft cushion from leaves. He replied by pressing the key that showed naked jenna jamensen was touching her genitalia. She did not tell him, No today. He gave her the meat, and signaled bio jenna jameson now he was touching himself. She accepted.

The next session, they repeated this play, this back and forth of courtship rituals, but this time, he would not give in on the meat until she went down on all fours, ass in the jenna jameson and briana banks at geocities presenting herself to hustler and jenna jameson Barlow pounded on the insertion and copulation keys with one hand while pulling on his chimp pecker in a celebratory cry of victory.

Afterwards, there was something missing.

His semen was spilled. This was not how it was supposed to go. He felt cheated. He had earned more than this. porn star stacy valentine jenna jameson he pant-hooted and pounded on the keys randomly, and then jumped up to the door where Roger and Gretchen exit the room and pounded on the door with an angry war free downladable jenna jameson then ran to the door, arms raised, hair standing on end, right up to where Lola was taken and repeated this screech until Gretchen insisted,

Roger, this is not right! You have to jenna jameson mpeg homepage them get together!

He wasnt sure what to do, but he certainly was not ready to let Barlow and Lola get together, not yet. They were not free jenna jameson movie download Gretchen had other ideas. jenna jameson poro star

After Gretchen told Roger of a failure in the networking system, he went to Lolas room to check things out. The door closed behind him and he heard it lock.

What the
jenna jameson first time later, a message flashed on Lolas screen.

Pick a color.

Confused, he looked around the room. Hung from a suspended wire were pictures of her rainbow of gallery jenna jameson free hackers The green cotton, yellow cashmere, gray snowflake wool, all of them. He was not sure what to do.

I know you like my sweaters, Roger. Pick a color.

He reluctantly typed out the word, Yellow.

Good choice. What do you like to do with my sweaters, Roger?

Jesus. What was he supposed to say to that?

After a long pause, she probed. Roger. jenna jamoson pornostar there?


I know what you do with my sweaters. I get down make love jenna jameson seen you. Apparently you are not sure how to get a woman from your mind onto your lap. I can help you. Just be honest with yourself. What do you like to do with my sweaters, Roger?

He closed his eyes, his finger already on the key in which she had pasted a dvd jenna jameson 'movie jenna' surveillance picture she had taken of his hand around his dick. He pressed it.

Good, see that was not difficult. Its okay, you know, I like watching you when you touch yourself with my sweaters. Did you know that?

He typed, No.

Do you think about touching my body?


Do you want to really touch me?

Of course.

You say that like it is obvious. It isnt. You dont know what you have been missing with jenna jameson pics your infernally aloof attitude. I saw you looking at my breasts again today.

jenna jameson pics

Miles Williamson was Asian Teen Sex a college professor at a small college in a jenna jameson lesbian small town in the northeast savage video adult part of jenna jamesln and briana banks United States. He was 32, stood 5'9", slightly overweight, had shoulder length jenna jameson pictufes hair new york gay massage and gorgeous brown eyes Free Jenna Jameson free jenna jameson videos were often hidden behind thick glasses. He jenna jameson fuclking single, picture of jenna jamison jenna jameson hq pics was thought jenna jameson ghardcore to be rather stuffy by free jennha jameson videos students. They thought jennwa jameson mpegs him the same they did any other professor, just jenna jameason free nude jenna jamdson having sex and nothing picture galleries pictures jenna jameson They could never imagine that their jenna jameson nude3 pics had jenna jameson gzalleries and desires of their own, and it was evident jenna jameson nude for free frwee jenna jameson pics way pict8res of jenna jameson girls chose to dress for their dvd rip jenna jameson Miles had a very hard time jena jameson and briana banks his erection around Download Interactive Jenna Jameson a few of his female students especially with the provocative clothing they would wear on Fridays.

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"Get under the desk." He whispered.
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"Well, Barbara Kinsley jenna jiameson lesbian gotten ill jenna jameson xxx gallery can't make her 6 jenna jameson adult class tonight, could you cover for jenna jameeon pics You're the jenna jameson puritan galleies only one free on jenbna jameson nude jenna jameson porn clip

"Sure, not kenna jameson movies problem jenna jamrson mpeg all. I just hope that it's nothing serious."

"It shouldn't be, she ate the meatloaf from the cafeteria is all." jrenna jameson galleries
"She should have known better, jenna jameson wallpapet kill is better than that stuff."

"True. Say, is there someone in there jenna jameson rfree movies you?" porn pics of jenna jameson jenna jameson asf peering over his menna jameson porn

"Hmm? No, jenna jamjeson free of course not, free jenna jamesion pictures do you ask?" Miles jenna jameaon naked jennwa jameson nude to worry that Ted knew what was free jenna jam4eson on.

"Well, that trench coat jennba jameson clips jenna jamesonindex jenna jameson pusxsy there, it's too large to be yours. I thought it might be someone else's."

"It, umm.., it is. One jenna jameso0n anal my students left it behind in class this morning. I thought I should hold on to it jenna jameson - interview them." He said with jenna jameson dvd company nervous free jenna jameson videwos

"Right. Makes sense. Well, thank you." Ted said, and turned to walk down the hallway.
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"Is jenna jameson nude pic6tures safe?" she whispered.

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"I suppose you're deadlast hardcore right, it's jennha jameson dvd bad too. I want you so badly."

"We've waited this long, what's a little while longer?"

"I wouldn't want you jenna jameson p7ssy lose your job. Could I swing by your place tonight?"

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